Rules & Regulations: CII Kirby Family Legacy Scholarship

Scholarship Applications now open


The Program is designed to assist Council of International Investigators (members and direct family) members in education at the collegiate level.


Criteria The following persons are eligible to receive assistance through the scholarship fund:

  1. Any CII member in good standing
  2. Spouse or legal partner of a CII mem ber in good standing
  3. Child or stepchild of a CII member in good standing
  4. Grandchild of a CII member in good standing


must be enrolled or in the application process at a n accredited university or college in at least the Associate level (either a two or four year institution If at the time of the application for the award the applicant is in the enrollment process, prior to the assistance being issued, the applicant must provide proof of acceptance While awards will be given to students in any field, preference will be give n to those enrolled in studies relating to investigation, security, cyber security, law enforcement, or other similar fields of endeavor.


A scholarship committee ( appointed annually by the President of CII, and approved by the CII Executive Board, will determine the award recipient(s) and amounts of the award (for a particular calendar year. The scholarship amounts awarded will be dependent upon the number of applications received and the pool of money available. The maximum award for a single scholarship is US$1,500. No individual will be eligible for more than two awards for the life of the fund. No member’s family as defined in the eligibility section will be eligible for more than four awards in the aggregate over the li f e of the fund. F unds for awardees in countries other than the US, will be transferred in local currency at the official bank exchange rate at the time of the payment All decisions of the Committee
are final.


Requirements Candidates for scholarship will be required to submit a written request to the committee along with the following:

  1. A completed, signed application downloaded from th e CII website
  2. Two independent reference letters one from a teacher or professor) attesting to the applicant ’s character, qualifications, and potential for future success in his or her academic pursuits. The letters should be emailed directly to the Committee Chairperson by the person providing the reference and should not be sent by the applicant
  3. A head and shoulder photo of the applicant for publication in the CII newsletter (Coun cilor) and or on the CII website
  4. Any other relevant information the applicant would like for The Committee to consider

Applicants should submit their applications directly to the Committee Chairperson, via email, to the email address listed on the application form.


Applications for funds can be submitted between January 1st and July 31st Any applications
received after July 31st will not be considered for that calendar year.


The Scholarship Committee will select recipients on an annual basis prior to the CII Annual General meeting The Committee will announce the awards at the Annual General Meeting and paid to the applicant no later than October 31st The Committee has the authority to determine the number of awards, the amounts of each award, and the awardees. The Committee will submit a written report to the CII Executive Board and the general membership naming the award winners and amounts awarded.


If you have any questions regarding the program, the rules and regulations, or the process feel free to contact  Steve KIrby <[email protected]>,