Council of International Investigators -Our History

Although the Council of International Investigators is a comparatively young organization, we have achieved a position within the private investigation business, and before the public, as the spokesperson for ethical private investigators throughout the world.

Certified membership of the Council of International Investigators confers a level of distinction and prestige to those members who meet the strict criteria set for this type of member.


Council Officers Since 1955

Council Meeting Sites Since 1955


In 1955, a group of well-known and highly respected private investigators gathered informally in Chicago, Illinois. The purpose of the meeting was to consider the formation of a close-knit organization that the attendees could trust to handle investigatory matters in their respective local areas. Emphasis was put on quality not quantity.


As the existence of our professional group became known, because of our high standards of integrity, ethics, and mutual trust, many other private investigators sought to be accepted into what was then referred to as ‘The Council’.

Our original group expanded its membership and worldwide coverage through careful selective screening of applicants.

Code of Ethics

The adoption of, and strict adherence to, the Council of International Investigators’ Code of Ethics has met with universal approval by public law enforcement agencies, legislatures, and public officials.

Membership benefits and criteria