Council of International Investigators
Board Members and Officers

Below is the current list of CII Board members and officers:


Toine Goorts.jpg

Toine Goorts
The Netherlands
[email protected]

Toine Goorts, CII, CPO, is the owner of Goorts international Investigations, located in the southern part of the Netherlands, close to the Belgium and German borders. After 20 years of working for the government as a military police officer, and serving as an investigator, surveillance operator, and executive protection officer, Toine launched his own company in 2004. Toine is a proud military Veteran who has received several awards for his exemplary work. Working in the private sector, Toine travels on various assignments, including highly specialized and sensitive tasks. Goorts International Investigations is involved in issues related to intellectual property infringement, insurance fraud, due diligence and non competition issues. Toine is a motivational speaker on several subjects, including the topics of "endangerment of human life, personal safety and dignity", which are his personal favorites. In his own words, "With the Council of International Investigators, I found my second family."

  • Elected as President September 2022
  • Elected as President September 2021
  • Vice President 2019 - 2020
  • Elected to a full board terms 2021
  • Elected to a full board term in 2017
  • Elected to a full board term in 2020
  • Appointed to the Board January 2016

Vice President

Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar
Mumbai, India
[email protected]

Gautam worked in the finance industry for a few years before joining the family business –Globe Detective Agency in 2011. Gautam is the third generation of the promoter family and the first of his generation to have joined Globe. Gautam underwent an intensive training program in Security & Investigations prior to onboarding with Globe. In the recent past, Gautam was involved in multiple initiatives of the CII, enabling him to understand how the Council functions. He is confident of adding a fresh perspective to the Council. Gautam served as the Webinar Administrator and oversaw the technical end of the monthly webinars during the pandemic. He has been involved in multiple initiatives of the CII which contributed to his understanding of how the Council functions and puts him in a great position to give back to our tightly-knit community.

  • Vice President 2022-2023
  • Appointed to the Board 2021-2024. Term expires September 2024



Paddy Beiner

Paddy Beiner
Berlin, Germany
[email protected]

Paddy is of German and Irish heritage and has spent his entire career in the investigative world. With professional experience across several continents. Paddy has worked at all levels of the investigative sector, from smaller boutique firms to multinational corporations. Paddy has gained experience in every aspect of the profession, and still manages a full range of assignments, from small pro bono family tracing cases to enhanced due diligence reports on potential business partners, to large multinational investigations for top tier law firms and corporations. Since 2013, Paddy has been a member of the management team at Bearstone Global, a corporate intelligence and advisory firm headquartered in Warsaw, Poland since_________. In 2016, Paddy relocated to Berlin and established the company’s first international subsidiary. Paddy is an alumnus of Leeds University and a Certified Member of the Council of International Investigators.

  • Secretary 2022-2023
  • Secretary 2021-2022
  • Elected to the Board 2021-2024. Term expires September 2024.


Nancy barber

Nancy S. Barber
San Francisco CA, USA
[email protected]

Nancy S. Barber founded Glass Key Investigations in 1988. Glass Key Investigations provides investigative services for matters involving toxic tort, environmental, land use, elder abuse and civil litigation. The firm conducts corporate research, witness locate and trial support. Ms. Barber holds a Forensic Environmental Investigation Certification., B.A. in Spanish, a M.A. in Latin American Studies, a Paralegal Certificate and a nursing home ombudsman certification. Nancy has served as in instructor in environmental law and paralegal training. Nancy is a past President of CII, and has served as CII Vice President and CII Secretary. Nancy is a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), Council of International Investigators (CII) and National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS). 

  • Treasurer 2022-2023
  • Elected to the Board 2021-2024 Term expires September 2024
  • Elected to the Board 2018-2021
  • Past President
  • Past Vice President 
  • Past Secretary


Board Members

Jeremy King
Ontario, Canada
[email protected]

Jeremy H. King, B. Comm, CII, is a Partner and Executive Vice President of King International Advisory Group. Jeremy oversees the surveillance and cyber intelligence divisions at KIAG and is responsible for the agency’s international development, which include partner relationships in over 56 countries worldwide. A licensed private investigator since 2011, Mr. King has acted as a trusted investigative advisor to many of Canada’s foremost litigators, private corporations, and public entities. He is highly active in investigations of serious nature requiring extreme discretion and professionalism. Most recently, Mr. King was retained in a class action lawsuit leading to Canada’s first known Mareva Injunction targeting cryptocurrency. Through social media investigations, the targets of the Mareva injunction were identified and evidence was gathered on the additional crypto custodians.

 Elected to the Board 2022-2025

Jacob Lapid

Jacob Lapid
Tel Aviv, Israel
[email protected]

I have 30 years’ experience in thousands of assignments all over the world. I formed successful investigation companies in various parts of the world from the United States to Russia. For 13 years, I managed a large company operating in 160 countries. I was a high-ranking officer with IDF. I graduated from the prestigious military academy. I also studied architecture and economics. I have served two terms on the CII board and made improvements to the association as Council Treasurer. I am a past recipient of the Investigator of the year award from CII and Intellenet. I am lifetime member of WAD. I live in both the west and east (Israel and Canada) representing the international nature of the Council. My objective in serving on the board would be to develop business opportunities for the CII members. As our industry became tougher, I think that the Council should be more involved in supporting member dealings with potential clients.

  • Elected to the Board 2021-2024

Yosh Wong
Hong Kong
[email protected]

Yosh Wong was born, raised and educated in the United Kingdom, with a master’s degree in law. He joined the security and corporate investigations industry in 1999, and over the years, he managed several Hong Kong based consulting companies, before incorporating Suzzess Limited. Suzzess is headquartered in Hong Kong, covering China, Macau, Taiwan and through trusted associates, the Asia Pacific region. Yosh specializes in corporate due diligence assignments, handling over 5,000 projects in the past 20 years and is frequently retained to handle complex fraud and cross-border investigations by clients. He currently serves clients with global due diligence contracts, international law firms and a leading restructuring & insolvency advisory group. Yosh has been a Certified member of the Council since 2015, appointed Regional Director for the Far East (Region 4) in 2018 and elected to the Board during the Milan AGM in 2019. In addition to the Council, he is a member of a number of organizations, including the International Intelligence Network and a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors. Moving forward, Yosh will continue contributing to the success of the Council.

  • Appointed to the Board October 2019.
  • Elected to the Board 2020-2023. Term expires October 2023
  • Treasurer 2021-2022.

Ajit Singh
New Delhi, India
[email protected]

Ajit has 30 years of experience in the Investigation & Consulting industry. Ajit was awarded “Investigation Entrepreneur of the year Award’ by the President of India in 2012. In his own words, “I know what it means to be a business owner. I have served as the National General Secretary of the APDI (Association of Private Detective & Investigators-India) since 2004. I was the Program Chairman for ASIS International in 2018. I served as the Assistant Governor of the Rotary District in Delhi in 2020.I have been enthusiastically involved in ensuring a high level of participation of members & enrolment of new members in various events. My work within these organizations has lead me to recognize that constant involvement amongst the members and meaningful interactions leads to member retention. I believe in collaboration and empowerment. I would like to harness my energy and enrich the experience of the membership by assisting the Board in taking the CII to new heights”.

  • Elected to the Board 2022-2025 Term expires October 2025


Niclas Franklin.png - 149.96 Kb Niclas Franklin
[email protected]


Niclas Franklin joined CII in 2011 and has attended every AGM since 2012 and many Regional Meetings. Niclas hosted the 2016 AGM in Gothenburg, Sweden. Niclas' background in law enforcement helped him launch his own enterprise, Investigation Services Europe AB, a business he founded 16 years ago. Niclas' areas of specialty include backgrounds, surveillance and forensics. He has worked in anti-counterfeiting, fire/explosion analysis and insurance investigations. Niclas is excited to be on the Board and anxious to share his marketing and business experiences with other members.

  • Elected to the Board 2020-2023. Term expires September 2023

Ronald Bosman is an investigator with over 15 years of experience in corporate investigations, business intelligence and geopolitical analysis. He has a master’s degree in history from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands and is an ACAMS certified anti-money laundering specialist. Ronald is based in Switzerland, from where he and his research team also cover the Benelux market, the Dutch Caribbean, Germany, Spain and beyond. Prior to founding Sourced Research & Consulting, Ronald worked as a consultant at the corporate investigations department of a global risk management consultancy, where he managed enhanced due diligence investigations and complex investigations in support of litigation procedures. Ronald started his career with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Americas Department. Originally from the Netherlands, Ronald has lived and worked in the United States, Spain, Colombia and Venezuela. He has been based in Switzerland since 2012. Ronald speaks English, Dutch, Spanish and German. Ron can be reached at [email protected]



Immediate Past President
alt Sachit Kumar

New Delhi India

Sachit Kumar is a second generation investigator and businessman, directing the operations of Globe Detective Agency in New Delhi. He is Commerce graduate from Bangalore, India and a Post Graduate in Business Administration from the Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow. Thereafter, he joined Globe Detective Agency Private Limited in 1987. Over the years, he has contributed immensely in the growth of the Globe Group. As its name implies, Globe is world renowned in investigation matters. Globe is India’s first and largest Investigation Agency, currently having 5000 employees and 20 branches all across India. Sachit was awarded the Investigations – Entrepreneur of the Year award by Mr. Shivraj Patil, Honorable Home Minister of the Government of India in Bangalore in the year 2008. He was also awarded Lifetime Achievement Award in Investigations by Smt. Pratibha Patil, former President of India in New Delhi in the year 2012. Sachit was a member of the CII Executive Board and was an organizing host of the 61st AGM Conference at New Delhi in the year 2015. He also serves as the Vice Chairman of the APDI (Association of Private Detectives and Investigators).He is the Director of the Globe Group and currently based in New Delhi, India.

Elected as President in 2019 and 2020. Term expired 2021.
President 2015 - 2016
President 2016-2017
Board Member 2010-2016.

Email Sachit at sachitk[email protected]