Council of International Investigators - Regional Meetings

The CII regional meetings allow members to deliver the CII's message to other members and interested non-members. They also allow members who do not attend the AGM's the chance to ask questions and put their concerns and ideas to a member of the Board. Each regional meeting should have at least one Board member in attendance to represent the Board and interact with members on a local basis. They have been devised so that members within their regions can meet and network in an informal manner.

 Regional Meetings on tap for 2020

US - Region 10, 11, 12
Charleston SC, USA
March 12 - 15
Francis Marion Hotel

Europe / Africa Regions 3, 8, & 9

Olhao (Algarve) Portugal
April 23 - 25
Real Marina Hotel & Spa

Far East / Southeast Asia / India
Colombo, Sri Lanka
May 14 - 17



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