Council of International Investigators 2021-2022 EVENTS

The CII regional meetings allow members to deliver information and network in a particular region.These meetings provide a venue for members who are unable to attend the in person AGM, to meet and ask questions and pose their ideas and concerns to a member of the Board. Each regional meeting has at least one Board member in attendance and a Regional Director. These meetings have been designed so that members within a region can meet and network in an informal manner. In person regional meetings are expected to resume in 2022. An in person regional meeting is scheduled in Portugal for 28-30 April 2022 and an in person AGM is scheduled for the Netherlands in September 2022. CII will continue to offer virtual events as well. This site will be updated regarding the events as the Covid situation evolves.   

Events on tap for 2021-2022


FIKA with the President
15 December 2021

Virtual Coffee Hour
Location: Your computer

In person

Regional Meeting
28-30 April 2022

      Olhao, PORTUGAL

All CII members welcome


In Person AGM 2022
September 2022 9am ET




All CII members welcome