CII knows.... it is all about AI!

Lois Colley
July 13, 2023

AI is certainly the rage. It's impossible to access the news or attend a conference without a reference to artificial intelligence. Even galoots can’t live without it. Try returning a retail purchase without interacting with a robot.

So what is happening in AI?.... Well just about everything.

AI is impacting design in a big way be it clothing, advertising or turning your idea into a graphic.

  • Check out Adobe’s two designer AI packages (Adobe Firefly & Sensei GenAI)  here
  • AI & Music? Experiment with Jukebox by giving it an artist or genre and paying it to create a tune for you. And it even helps the music producers by analyzing patterns in music and predicting trends.
  • Similar to Dall-E2 a program that generates art from word descriptions and/or allows the user to create detailed 3D images.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since the first successful program was written in 1951 for checkers (draughts). Remember when Google translate was cool? And who hasn’t used Grammarly , Wordtune or NotionAI in an attempt to improve their writing?

Is it trustworthy?

We know artificial intelligence is  replete with issues such as generating the wrong answer or being non transparent about its sources. That's because AI platforms are about as good as the data used to teach them. Similar to a classroom which a teacher's knowledge about the subject matter is inaccurate or incomplete, AI is dependent upon the information that is fed to it. There is plenty of room for outdated information and plenty of opportunity for biased data. As demonstrated, AI is most unhelpful or even comical when it overlooks a key data point. The brains at CalTech offer their opinion here

Securitizing information remains a prevailing issue. This past May 2023, Samsung banned ChatGDP after determining an employee fed sensitive information to a chatbot. As the Mashable byline reads Incognito is not an option.. As investigators and security professionals know, once it's out there,  be it the cloud or elsewhere, it's out there. 

We must nonetheless weigh the good with the bad. AI is proving it’s worth in crime detection by identifying patterns of fraud, money laundering and terrorist behavior. Facial recognition software is  commonplace. Faces are preserved as a biometric template. AI can gauge the way people move and identify unattended items in public spaces. Having little or no morality, AI is perfectly willing to help the criminals deploy new social engineering skills and more sophisticated pfishing attacks.

So should we trust it? Someday you many not have a choice. The big guys are all investing; Intel, IBM, Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Alphabet,Amazon, Apple and of course OpenAI. At the moment, there is a  human behind the generation of a fake email or voicemail. It’s a human who fabricates a digital image using a text prompt. I am not sure what’s going to happen when AI becomes self-aware and starts manipulating things on its own. One thing is for sure, it’s having a cataclysmic impact upon how we do life.

Perhaps we don't have to worry. As cofounder Elon Musk, turned defector, of Open AI stated, "The problem with artificial intelligence isn't that it's going to get too smart and take over the world, the problem, rather, is that A.I. is too dumb and already has."