2018 European Regional Meeting
March 22 - 24, 2018 Palm Beach Hotel, Cyprus
For more information contact 
        Polys Kyriacou, CII Templar Investigations 
        Reservations needed by February 1, 2018

2018 Annual General Meeting
Hong Kong August 28 - September 1

2017 63rd AGM Photo Gallery

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Established in 1955, our collective skill set covers virtually every aspect of the investigative spectrum and our individual members are known worldwide for their expertise. Our standards for membership are among the most rigorous in the profession.

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Locate and Hire an Investigator Worldwide

CII has the network and specialists available for your investigative needs. The Council’s extensive vetting of members assure the client that the issues for investigation will be handled effectively and diligently.

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CII Launches new educational website!

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Friendship and mutual trust exists between CII members.

Benefits of Membership

  • Direct access to a networking opportunities with more than 380 like-minded professionals on 6 continents and over 66 countries
  • Direct access to specialized skills in various investigative specialties
  • Subcontracting and outsourcing opportunities with vetted professionals in virtually all major cities
  • Annual conference held in major cities worldwide, which provides for continued education and networking opportunities
  • Regional meetings around the world
  • CII Certification
  • Quarterly journal
  • Access to up-to-date industry information
  • Listserv to communicate with professional colleagues
  • Be part of a unique, prestigious organization that has earned the respect of public law enforcement agencies, legislatures, and public officials
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Member Sponsors

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          Brian King, CII & Jeremy King, CII
                      Throughout all of Canada

               Jacob Lapid, CII
                 Israel & the World


Portsea International Security & Intelligence Agency
G.H Dooley, F.Inst..Para, CII & M. Warburton, ASC, CII
              Expertise in Africa, France & UK

                 Sanjay Kaushik, CII
                India, UAE, Sri Lanka



Latest Councilor Newsletter

Fall 2017 Councilor

CII Affiliates with the Alliance of Business Lawyers (ABL) and Integra International

The Alliance of Business Lawyers (ABL) is a dynamic global association of leading independent business law firms that is expanding throughout the world.  Through it's members, clients have a one stop access point for worldwide legal and tax advice.  For more information go to www.ablglobal.net/abl/about

Integra International is an interactive global association of local independent accounting, taxation, auditing, and business consulting firms dedicated to advising businesses around the world. Our member firms contain over 3,000 CPAs, CAs and Business Advisors who share knowledge openly and regularly. Members offer a wide range of professional services to their clients, meeting their national and international needs. All member firms are local firms, owned by successful partners who understand the unique culture of the owner-managed business and the regulatory and tax environment in which they operate. www.integra-international.net


CII Launches new educational website!
For Members Only 
Log in and learn at www.ciieducation.org

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